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Looking For a Leader With Unimpaired Vision.

Guest Article, Author: Randy Simmons

It’s that time again when citizens begin to think about the upcoming local elections.  We will be hearing the crescendo about local issues, township spending, improvements, school levies, trustee candidates, and more.

As a 20-year resident of West Chester, I remember the days before the I-75 interchange at Union Centre Boulevard, where the nearest exit to get to Beckett Ridge was the Cincinnati-Dayton Road exit which wound me through Old West Chester then along West Chester Road past cornfields to Eagle Ridge Drive where I turned into my subdivision.

As the years have passed, I’ve seen an exciting West Chester vision turn into commercial businesses, then stagnate into a vision unfulfilled, while Mason and Liberty Township have grown and are moving forward with community centers, robust business development, and world class services.  When will The Streets of West Chester complete its vision?  What’s going on?  Who dropped the ball?  When I still see the cornfields, vacant buildings, and undeveloped land currently sitting in and around Union Centre and across all of West Chester, I am reminded of the unfulfilled vision and question its impact on property values.

 With national and local economies showing improvement, it’s time to renew our vision for Union Centre and all of West Chester’s business districts.  We must pick-up the pace and finish what was started.  West Chester is ideally located between Cincinnati and Dayton along the I-75 corridor and should become a major “destination point” for family living, entertainment, and commerce – if only we had the leadership to see it through.

We must look to our elected officials to effectively plan, execute, and manage our community services and drive planned development to completion for the good of our community.  We must elect those who have a track record of successfully managing and growing their own private or public enterprises, demonstrating competency in fiscal and business matters.  After all, they will be the ones managing our tax dollars and the business of West Chester.

We need officials that are moral, ethical, and will make decisions in the best interest of the Citizens of West Chester while rejecting self-interest.

I find it interesting that our tax dollars were spent on an uncontrolled crosswalk at the end of the street where one of our current Trustees lives, a mere 100 yards away from an existing controlled crosswalk, while street lights and cross walks are needed across West Chester – this may seem like a small issue, as it is only one of many that need to be addressed however, it is an issue that impacts the safety of our children.

Mark Welch is a new name on the ballet this year.  He is a successful local business owner with a track record of giving back to the community in volunteering and sponsoring local events that help support sick and disadvantaged children.   As a long- time West Chester resident, business owner, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Mark’s interests are and always have been in helping others – he has a vested interest in our community and knows what West Chester once was, is today, and has a vision for what it can become.  In the coming weeks, the citizens of West Chester will become acquainted with Mark.  When you get an opportunity to shake his hand, be sure to ask him the tough questions.  You may find out what I already know – Mark Welch is  the kind of person we need to help lead the way for the betterment of our community.    


Please Consider Voting for Mark Welch on November 5th.


Author: Randy Simmons


Admin Note: Mark Welch is running for Trustee of West Chester Township. Two of the three current Trustee’s are up for reelection on Nov 5th 2013. Trustee Stoker and Trustee Wong (running in this election) along with Trustee Lang are the current Board of Trustees of West Chester Township.  The views and opinions of guest authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the position of West Chester Town Hall. Submit your articles to articles@westchestertownhall.com