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Common Core Videos

If you aren’t already concerned about Common Core, these video’s will show why so many people across the country are fighting against it.

Some of these videos are going to blow your mind. All the videos I have on this page bring a unique perspective or address a specific point of Common Core. However, no anti Common Core video hammers home the insidious and devious nature of this takeover of education than that of the architect of Common Core – David Coleman. Thus, his 3 minute video earns top billing on our video page.

The fact that he brags about how he tricked Republican Governors into embracing this is disturbing enough but that is mild compared to what follows. Listen to him address the data mining aspect of Common Core and continuously refer back to the Obama campaign and how the data can be used. He states that Common Core is partnering with the man that ran the data collection, analysis and use for Obama 2012. Pay particular attention to the 2:32 mark. He states they are also partnering with the Obama 2012 field mobilization using the data. Now, couple his words with some of the questions posed to the children in the videos below. It seems obvious to me as to why a school kid is asked in a survey if his parents vote.

Bizarre 6th grade math questions
Turning 1st graders into Community Organizers
Thumbnail sketch of Common Core


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Parent confronts lying School Board
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Political indoctrination embedded in ELA
Data Mining our kids just like the NSA
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