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Comments Not Allowed On West Chester Trustee Meeting Videos

Comments Not Allowed On West Chester Trustee Meeting Videos

West Chester Trustee Meeting Videos Sorry, comments have been disabled by the owner of this video         If we are to navigate ourselves out of the political and ideological morass we now find ourselves in, it will require more speech, not less. What we desperately need is unfettered expression of ideas and… Continue Reading

Website Changes

10-21-13 – added front page slider 10-22-13 – added traffic widget, filters out bot traffic 10-22-13 – added better IP tracking to backend 10-22-13 – A number of local IP hack attempts prompted me to beef up security. Added Wordfence security. 10-23-13 – Added country blocking for some countries known spam and hacker attacks (4… Continue Reading

Follow us on Twitter

We’ve created the official West Chester Town Hall twitter account. Follow us at @WestChesterTH We’ll be adding a few twitter features in the next few days, one will be for a hashtag based feed to get your tweets to show on our twitter feed page. Another feature we are still testing is live chat using… Continue Reading

Official Launch-West Chester Town Hall

West Chester Town Hall is officially up and running! First, we are not associated with any government organization and the site itself is Apolitical. All ideas are welcome. There are two categories of articles, regular authors and guest authors. You may request to become a regular author if you A) have an existing blog or… Continue Reading