West Chester Township Politics And Issues

West Chester Ohio Precinct Project

This map is just the blank canvas for a mountain of data we have. For an example of how it looks with voter data added, go to this example page.

We aren’t quite at the mobile app stage, but all the puzzle pieces are there on the table ready to be wrapped into a full blown canvassing app. I’ve been working on this since 2012, where we started our first precinct map on Google maps. It’s been a labor of love and passion since I’ve had to finance all of this alone.

Initially, I was only moderately motivated by my love to tinker with mashups of internet technology. However, that all changed when I was personally denied access to use the Voter Gravity account purchased by the West Chester Tea Party for their push to elect conservatives (like me). I of course went on to win my Central Committee seat without the help of either the Tea Party, Ohio Liberty Coalition or Voter Gravity. While my successes have been celebrated and scored as their own, I have never forgotten how the previous West Chester Tea Party leaders disowned me (can a volunteer be fired) for calling out the Ohio Liberty Coalition. Today’s leadership refer to me as a “friend of the West Chester Tea Party” (which I am).

My goal is to produce an app that will allow as few as one person to have the same technology tools the PAC’s and Org’s have without the hundreds or thousands of dollars a month fees….or the narcissistic bullying style of some leaders in the liberty movement.

Geocoding of addresses provided by our partners at TamuGeosvcs

Old Precinct Map (prior to 2013)