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Comments Not Allowed On West Chester Trustee Meeting Videos

West Chester Trustee Meeting Videos

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If we are to navigate ourselves out of the political and ideological morass we now find ourselves in, it will require more speech, not less. What we desperately need is unfettered expression of ideas and the debate of their consequences.

Kelly Boggs :Baptist Press Mar 23, 2012

I realize it would require a little more work managing the Official West Chester Township video channel but what is wrong with letting people comment?

I’ve spent probably hundreds of hours on the Trustee video project. West Chester staff feels this is a waste of time and has stated so. I disagree and the reasons (besides comments) are many and pop up constantly. Just the other day I spent an hour trying to embed one of their “Vimeo” videos without it autoplaying. As it seems, only the owner of a vimeo vid can control this. If there is a way for a non owner, its buried too far in doc’s or google search pages to find.

We are about to complete this open government project…started in 2012. Within the next month, we’ll start adding all the trustee meeting videos from 2009 to current. If I had 1/1000th of the budget that our Township has, it wouldn’t have taken 2 1/2 years.