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Butler County Ohio Central Committee

Interactive Precinct Map – All Butler County Precincts and Elected Central Committee Member Map

The Map shows all precincts and wards in Butler County Ohio. Additionally, the point markers indicate who represents the precinct or ward in the Butler County GOP Central Committee.

Most of the West Chester Central Committee members have a contact email…not so for the rest of Butler County. I’ve tried to get email addresses from the Butler County Ohio GOP but they will not provide them. One of the claims is that these people don’t want their email addresses made public. That’s pretty absurd since they ran for office and are supposed to represent the voters in their precinct. Central Committee member is also referred to as “Precinct Captain”. That because they are supposed to be the liaison between the party and the voters at the street level.

We are facing a critical election in Nov and the GOP should be organizing get out the vote efforts. There are many concerned voters that would gladly assist but have no way to contact their elected GOP representative.

You can contact the Butler County GOP here:
3431 Princeton Road, Suite 100
Fairfield Township, Ohio 45011
(513) 893-5292