West Chester Township Politics And Issues


16 months ago I bought this domain…

I bought the domain and built this site because I was a victim of the overzealous zoning and heavy handed treatment from the Township staff. In 2011, our zoning staff and our Administrator lied to the Trustees on camera. They did this to sneak an “urgent” amendment into our zoning code that is unconstitutional and exclusionary. Almost a year later, this “urgent” change to our zoning code was used for the first time against me.

I bought it because two of the Trustees refused to acknowledge that they had been deceived or to address the unconstitutional enforcement and exclusionary nature of the new zoning text. 

I bought it because rather than accept my constitutionally protected “grandfathered” violation, these two Trustees doubled down and tried to make it so expensive for me to fight to have my rights that I would simply give them up. They used our tax money, given to Township lawyers, to fight against the State and US constitution in a gamble I would not be able to afford a court battle.


What they specifically altered in the code that affected me is less important than what they were willing to do to fight to preserve it. Our rights should not be decided by the size of our bank accounts. People fought and died for these rights and it’s not up to a Director, Administrator or Trustee to decide to allow you to have them.

Using our tax dollars and Township lawyers to bully people into surrendering their rights is a disgusting abuse of power.


I hope this website helps to correct the abuses of our local government by

A) a change in the Board of Trustees. Let politicians know there are consequences to how they govern us via the ballot box.

B) letting them know they are being watched by many eyes.


I hope others will step up and help keep an eye on what our Township does. You can share your information here as a guest author or simply let me know of something that should be looked into.