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Matt King for Trustee

Guest Article, Author: Chuck Meadors

We need a trustee that genuinely cares about our community and has demonstrated that long before deciding to run for office.  We need a trustee that is running only because he cares deeply for our community.  That person is Matthew King.  Matt is not a career politician.  He is a devoted husband, incredibly dedicated and loving father and a successful business leader.
If you want to know who you are really voting for as trustee, ignore the political rhetoric and look at the fruit of their lives.  Matt has proven leadership not only in business but also in his home, church and community.
king signIn Business, I first met Matt in 1995 when he consulted for some of my clients and proved himself to be one of our best technical professionals who went on to consult for Cincinnati’s largest corporations.  He joined with a group of Cincinnati oncologists to start a software company that managed the intricate details of chemotherapy and other cancer treatment. His software was recognized in 2007 and 2008 by the American Society of Clinical Oncology as one of the top chemotherapy suite management packages in the country and by Bill Gates as a healthcare solutions innovator.  He also was appointed to the Board of Advisors for EDoc Services, Inc.
In the Community, Matt is actively involved and the King family places a high priority on volunteering and serving.  When there are community events and volunteers needed, you regularly see the King family.  Matt serves on his church Student Ministry team.  He and his wife Andrea established the Matthew and Andrea King Servant Leader Scholarship for a local graduating senior who best exemplifies service.  His children Rachel, Matthew and Sarah have all served on the Community Foundation’s Youth In Philanthropy board – Sarah is the current president.  Sarah is a founding member and current officer in Zonta Club – an organization promoting women in leadership.  The entire family was instrumental in founding Butler County’s Center for Family Solutions, whose vision is to respond to and prevent child abuse.
In the Home, Matt and Andrea are examples and leaders of three of the finest young citizens of our community.  Sarah and Rachel testified in front of the House Criminal Justice Committee in Columbus as the family worked with Representative Coley to change an Ohio Law increasing penalties for sex offenders.  Rachel is on a service leadership scholarship at Vanderbilt University.  She also spent 8 weeks in Uganda this past Summer working with grade school children in a small village.  Their son Matthew went to Haiti on a medical mission this past Summer and filmed a documentary on the outreach. Earlier in the year, he interned for Congressman Brad Wenstrup.  He is the state treasurer for Business Professionals of America and also received the BBB Student of Integrity award and scholarship. Honoring a video he produced promoting our Constitutional Rights, the Joe Foss Institute awarded him a $10K scholarship.  Sarah was a People to People Student Ambassador to China last Summer is very involved in the community and she has been right by her father’s side helping him campaign for West Chester Trustee.  This is only recent service and accomplishments by the children I am aware of, not even mentioning all of the service Matt and Andrea have provided.

king family
The King Family has been servicing our community for years.  With Matthew and Rachel in college and Sarah a junior at Lakota East, Matt has decided it is time for him to serve our community in a new way, as our Trustee.  Please take a look at the fruit of Matt’s life and leadership.  His faith is rock solid and his integrity is intact and non negotiable.  He is a proven leader and will make decisions as a Trustee for the good or our community, our children and grandchildren and not for personal and special interests.  Study the lives of those running for trustee and I am confident you too will choose to vote for Matthew King, a proven leader in our community.  I don’t know of a better person for this job.  He is an INTELLIGENT, HARD WORKING, PASSIONATE, HONEST and HONORABLE man.

Admin Note: Matt King is running for Trustee of West Chester Township. Two of the three current Trustee’s are up for reelection on Nov 5th 2013. Trustee Stoker and Trustee Wong (running in this election) along with Trustee Lang are the current Board of Trustees of West Chester Township.  The views and opinions of guest authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the position of West Chester Town Hall. Submit your articles to articles@westchestertownhall.com

  • Benjamin Kanoza

    So I’m just wondering, why are all the people that run for these positions, people of great property value or have wealth? I haven’t seen or read one article about ANYONE running, who was born and raised here, a NORMAL regular person. I was hoping to read about the individuals life and how they were raised, not their accomplishments.
    Show me a real person, not these faux ideals that place people who are running on a pedestal. The last thing we need is someone who places their accomplishments high like that. We need a real person.