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George Nafziger For Butler County County Commissioner


George NafzigerGeorge Nafziger for County Commissioner



My name is George Nafziger and I’m a 40 year resident of Butler County. I’m 65 years old and have never held or run for elective office before. I’m tired of how government wastes our money and have come to the conclusion that change is necessary. For two years I’ve attended the commission meetings. I’ve done two audits of their contracting system reviewing numerous contracts. I’ve presented my concerns about how money is handled by the county to the commissioners and where waste and inefficiencies can be eliminated, but to no avail.

its_raining_cashOur county commissioners have spent so much money that two months ago Moody’s downgraded our bond rating. This means that when the county borrows money it will pay a higher interest rate. This means that the taxpayers are going to pay more for what county government does – more money coming out of your pockets to cover the mistakes and wasteful spending of our county government.

In January, the commission bragged about having a “structurally balanced budget.” I have an MBA. I worked as a corporate auditor. I’ve spoken with accountants and professors at Miami University’s business school. None of us know what a “structurally balanced budget” might be. When government creates new terms to describe their actions, I get worried. And it appears that Moody’s is worried as well.Time-for-change-600x545

During the course of January 2014, the current commissioners approved over $450,000 in new spending; money that was not part of their “structurally balanced budget.” None of the commissioners asked: 1.) Are these new expenditures necessary? 2.) Where is the money necessary for these expenditures coming from? Or 3.) What are you going to cut elsewhere in the budget to allow for this new expenditure? These are basic money management questions that should be asked, but they were not. The commissioners just spent more of your money without challenging the system.

I have 37 years corporate and industrial experience and I intend to use what I learned in the business world to try to fix the problems of our county’s unbridled spending.

Beyond that, I’m a Vietnam veteran. I served two tours in Vietnam. I went on to serve four years active duty and another 20 in the Naval Reserves.

If you wish to learn more about me, my website is www.YourMoneyNotTheirs.US.


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    Time for fresh faces in government. We have the power to enforce term limits by voting for new people. I have met George several times and even if I had never met him, I’d vote for him because we’ve allowed ourselves to be abused by the system by constantly electing the same people over and over again.
    If you are unsure who to vote for as County Commissioner, vote for George because change starts with us!