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ClyDean Cook-Weber West Chester Precinct 20


ClyDean Cook-Weber, Candidate for Republican Central Committee

Precinct WC20

My name is ClyDean Cook-Weber and would like to serve and represent you on the Republican Central Committee for our WC Precinct #20. I am a Christian who is a strong proponent of the Sanctity of Life and Traditional Marriage. I believe in the Freedom of Worship, the Right to Bear Firearms, the Importance of Fiscal Conservatism and Following the Constitution.

270 Butler County GOP Committee members represent the voters of our precincts at the county level, endorse candidates, and help the GOP get out the vote!   I would be happy to serve in this volunteer position for our West Chester #20 Precinct. 

I graduated from UC with a BBA, have been a member of the Butler County GOP Executive Committee, am an active volunteer for Life Forward – Pregnancy Care of Cincinnati, have 10 years retail industry-buyer experience, spent 6 years as a Lakota substitute teacher and have been a resident at White Hill Square, 8301 Twin Cove Ct. for 21 years.  I ask you for your vote on May 6 at the WC Church of the Nazarene!