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What American Dream Are You Fighting for in This Election?

By: Randy Simmons, West Chester, OH
To my Fellow Americans who are wavering on what to do with your vote this November because you’re unhappy with either / both the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump; There is still time for them to win you over however, come November, If neither has won you over by the time you enter the voting booth, please keep this in mind – We as a nation are at the proverbial “Fork in the Road” – the direction this nation will go depends on which direction gets the most votes. As a long time Ohio resident, It has always been my perspective, that when one votes for a President, it’s not just about voting for the person – this is not a popularity contest – it’s about voting for an individual that shares and generally represents your own philosophical views on our government. – and by the way that doesn’t mean you have to agree on everything that person stands for, but in general if he/she is leading the charge in a direction that is consistent with your own view and philosophy on government, then you must vote for that person otherwise your lack of voting or throwing away your vote is a vote against your general beliefs.

Comparing the Two Americas
Let’s for a moment take both Hillary and Donald out of the picture and simply look at the form of government they respectively stand for, it takes the personalities out of it and perhaps helps us look at things with more clarity.

• If you believe in big government with socialistic tendencies
• If you believe in higher personal income taxes (to support expanding social programs)
• If you want to change or eliminate the 2nd Amendment (Right to bear arms)
• If you want redistribution of wealth so you pay more of your earnings to the government
• If you want free college for all (paid through increased personal income taxes)
• If you support “Political Correctness” over civil and plainly spoken concerns and legitimate perspectives among us as a people
• If you are OK with high national debt vs. better managed government spending and a balanced budget
• If you support healthcare for all through the “Affordable Health Care Act” recognizing that it eliminates competition for health care insurance and services at the expense of higher premium costs
• If your view of a strong America is “Leading from Behind” with a smaller military and a reduction in world stature
• If you welcome an unabated influx of people from around the world (all countries) entering our country illegally and usurping our existing immigration laws with some wanting to fundamentally change our country instead of assimilating the values and social norms of the American People
• If you don’t feel disenfranchised by our current economic, social and justice system

You need to GO LEFT AT THE FORK IN THE ROAD because your views are for a fundamental change in America – Hillary Clinton points the way to where you’ll find your version of The American Dream.