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The Primary John Boehner Candidate Forum & Straw Poll




It is high time that our elected officials in Washington, DC are held accountable to the people!

When our elected officials are no longer representing the wishes of the people that elect them, who are they representing?

The Concerned Citizens of Ohio

Invite You To Attend

A Candidate Forum & Straw Poll

Who: The Concerned Citizens of Ohio

What: Meeting will focus on elected official’s accountability, promoting and supporting conservative candidates for office and understanding issues important to the residents and business community in Ohio

When: February 22nd, 2014 (11 am – 2:30pm)

Where: The Gathering Place—501 Nation Ave

Eaton, OH 45320

Why: To provide timely and accurate information related to the upcoming 2014 primary and general election



My Comments

I was asked to post this by a friend. I looked into the group behind this (Teaparty.net) and they have a horrible reputation for spending donations on candidates and local efforts. For that reason, I’m not linking them or their rsvp. I hope this is more than “donation trolling” because we could really use the help. Boehner has amassed millions in his war chest from “outside the district” money and no local challenger has a chance without outside money of his own.

Please don’t donate to national or state level organizations. There are local groups that have to beg them for those dollars you thought were going to be spent in your area. In most cases the money never makes it back to your local people and when it does, it usually has strings attached. Donate local. (see this article)

If you like Eric Gurr, donate to Gurr. If you like J.D. Winteregg, then send your donations to him. If you simply want Boehner gone and don’t care, donate to your local Liberty group or contact me and I’ll give you the contact details of people that use 100% of your donation right here in the 8th District.