West Chester Township Politics And Issues

Stop Letting Their System Define You

About a month ago I was at a friends house and when I arrived I noticed that they had both a Wong and Stoker yard sign. I assumed that they were non partisan with respect to political party considering Trustee Stoker is a Democrat and Trustee Wong  is a Republican (claims to be). They have a very visible and high traffic property. When I was leaving, they walked with me to the car and seeing the signs again prompted my curiosity. I asked them if they were going to let all four candidates post yard signs? “No, we only support Democrats” was their response. This led to an extended discussion as I pointed out the fact that Lee Wong wasn’t a Democrat. Seeing that they were becoming agitated and defensive at what I initially perceived as a lack of understanding, I apologized and we dropped the subject. Later, as I thought about it I realized I was wrong. They were not uninformed, they were quite aware of the political landscape. I had assumed that since we never discussed politics, they didn’t follow our local Politicians. I realized that when they said they only support Democrats, what they meant was that they support a political ideology (liberal/progressive).


My friends, like many fellow Americans had fallen into the trap of letting the system define us. While I disagree with their politics and allowing themselves to be labeled by a political party, my friends were really just like me. They voted for people…not parties. That’s why my friends will use their two votes on Nov 5th to vote for a Republican and a Democrat. It’s only seems odd when you look at the world through the “us versus them” goggles pushed on us by the political machinery and media. This “us versus them” is what is destroying this country.

Republican Shill!

Ad-hominemI laugh every time I think about the subject line of my most recent critic. I’m not sure if they (he/she) is a resident of West Chester or not, although it really doesn’t matter. It could be an angry Daily Kos reader, upset over my recent article for all I know. I just hope they send me some more.What makes it hilarious is that if they knew me, or tried to have a discussion versus hurling insults, they would discover that I’m far from a fan of the Republican Party. As I pointed out in my article about Lee Wong being a RINO, all the Republicans care about is labels and numbers. I dislike Democrats but I’d have to say the word “dislike” doesn’t even begin to define my feelings for Republicans. Think William Wallace paying back the Scottish Noble’s in Braveheart for treason and you get the idea. 


So, if You’re not a “R” or a “D”, You must be a “T”


Nope, never been to a Tea Party meeting in my life. If I had to give a reason why, I suppose it’s because I see so many “R-T’s” and I don’t want to be snookered again. If I have to belong to a party, then I suppose I’m a member of the “Stop screwing up my country” party. If it doesn’t exist, someone should start it, I really think most people would join. Fight the urge to jump on the political bandwagons. Blind party loyalty has just about wrecked this country and is why so many have zero confidence in congress.



The Trustee Election and Party Loyalty

There is very little relationship between the two political parties and the issues for our Township. If you vote Democrat for every election, realize that our Trustees cannot affect traditional democrat social issues. Same with Republicans. The Trustees of a township can’t affect welfare, gun rights, abortion, healthcare, etc. What they can do is mismanage spending, grow the size of our township bureaucracy and pass unneeded and heavy handed zoning regulations. How many storm sewers could have been fixed with the money thrown to the lawyers all just to fight Liberty Tax Services over a damn costume?

Don’t vote on the 5th for a party, vote for the person. If you don’t know what the candidates represent, research them. I’m voting for the two challengers, Matt King and Mark Welch and it has nothing to do with R’s D’s and T’s. Its because I feel in the case of Trustee Stoker, 20 years is long enough and she makes the same promises election after election (traffic on Tylersville Rd,  Improving US 42 corridor, etc) and does nothing. Trustee Wong has stated he only cares about Beckett Ridge, runs for election under one party and votes the opposite. I seriously doubt a new Board with King and Welch joining Lang could be any worse than what we have but an occasional shake up is good for government. It reminds the politicians that they serve at our pleasure, that they work for us.

Alone, we can do little…”you can’t fight City Hall”

But….working together