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My Election 2016 Thoughts


By: Peter Stuhlreyer

Tuesday is voting day. Unlike buying health insurance, you are still free to choose whether or not to vote. If you choose to vote, there will be many choices, including the one for POTUS. Some of you may ignore politics altogether, and I envy that to some degree.  Others of you are policy wonks and some, no doubt, are ideological people.  I happen to be a dangerously over-informed private citizen, thanks to a great fiber optic world-wide web that has the power to give a voice to the powerless and deliver the globe of news and opinion to my desk and pocket. My effort to read, research and carve through subversion, fact, fiction, history and opinion has helped me decide what I will do on Tuesday.

Concerning POTUS, there is something about this election that is palpable, for the first time in my adult life. Due to the failing yet ever expanding federal influence, this choice will acutely affect me, my children and my business operations more than ever before. After watching our government expand, promise, fail and expand and promise repeatedly over the last 30 years, I have decided that it is time for a change. Not really a change for me, I need not change. The change is for Washington. Change hurts.

I do not take my decision lightly, nor do I make it out of emotion or nationalistic enthusiasm, nor should you.  I do not get my information or research from a single point of view, nor should you.  I am not casting a vote to “make a point” or express my ideology.  My vote is not a pledge to kneel before a new king.

I am a student of history, from the ancient to the recent; a persuasion that was seeded as I began to study Architecture.  Tuesday, history will judge all of us.  I, quite frankly, do not believe America is a place where problems must fester whilst we sit by and watch. We are told that our public servants are doing the best they can, so we choose calmly between clones and drones each election season.  There is an education problem, a drug problem, a border problem, a crime problem and a healthcare problem.  There is a lack of employment, a lack of manufacturing and an increasing divisiveness between Americans themselves.  Do you really think tens of thousands of Washington politicians and bureaucrats with billions of dollars are really striving to solve problems?  Seems fishy.  Results like they have delivered would put any business out of business and any employee out of a job.

Why the tolerance? It is pure madness.   It is a disease within our polite and politically correct culture to stand by and watch the failures. We justify them with the argument that complexity, fairness and time have made these issues far too ensnared in deeply intellectual details for us common villagers to perceive or even gain the right to discuss. They tell us, through a compliant media (licensed by the federal government) that all of these problems are as moderated and under control as humanly possible. Why, you ask, do you believe them? Besides K-12 school curriculum dictated from Washington to your child’s impressionable conscience, the other primary factor is simple: You believe it because you are being DISTRACTED.  We all are.  Let me explain:  Incomes are down, so we get broadcasts like “2 Broke Girls” and “Tiny House Nation”.  Need someone to blame?  Just watch “American Greed” or “Locked Up”.  Need to feel like your life ain’t so bad?  Try “Walking Dead” or “House of Cards”.  Want to cheer and laugh and feel like you are part of a team? Click over to March Madness or the World Series; maybe the Olympics.  It’s all bullshit and you know it.  Want to wake up and get pep in your step? Flip to “Good Morning America” and watch x-Washington operative, George Stephanopoulos tell you as a point of FACT that a lifelong corrupt, sexual deviant enabler and failed politician under 5 concurrent FBI investigations is the greatest commander America could ever wish to have.  That takes some serious audacity to spin with a straight face.  Truth is, she is actually the greatest commander Washington could wish to have.  Why would she lie about wanting to solve problems, for which there is no money,  that she could have influenced for 20 years while padding her pockets?  Why is the media distracting us from absorbing the obvious and turning angry? We all know how to solve problems instinctively.  Remember, as individuals and organizations, we solve problems to survive.  Washington, as well,  knows exactly how to survive and grow also.  Washington is just another business.  What does it sell?  Problems.  There’s the dirty little secret; you thought they sold solutions.  Solutions mean an end, or at least a major overhaul to federal departments, government contracts, government unions and career politicians.  Solutions make business in Washington vaporize.  Solutions destroy the value of the “Washington stock market”.   Sadly, their game is hidden in plain sight.  Lure us in with a feckless solution to an easy problem and then demand funding.  Use the funding to entangle the details of the solution beyond functionality and call it a program, law or regulation.  We take the bait and then go back to being distracted, while the program falls apart. The problem gets worse and the farce of a two party system points fingers.  One of those fingers always points at us claiming we are “too free” and an obstacle to the genius of the program.  We willingly take the blame and pledge another piece of our freedom to be forfeited back to Washington while they bait a new hook.   We even absolve the politicians of any of the blame for being feckless.   The cycle goes around and around and all the problems remain while our liberty (which, remember, is to blame for the failures) is chipped away.  70 years of this, interrupted by wars and recessions, go by.  Then something strange happens.

In walks an old white man who never got the bait and switch memo.  This guy has the unmitigated gall to look you straight in the eye and tell you that Washington is rigged against solutions to our problems, in the very way and for the very reasons that I have described above.   He claims our federal leadership is “stupid”.   He says that Washington has been growing in “stupidity” since sometime in the mid-20th century, hence, Make America Great Again.   I, being a bit more conspiratorial, think they know exactly what they are doing, but he is a kinder man than I, and respectfully chalks it up to ignorance.  Either way, the direness of the situation is immense.

If you understand history and the rise and fall of empires and governments, you know America can fall.  You also know exactly what makes nations become relegated to broke, unproductive banana republics like Greece, Venezuela, North Korea, most of the African continent and half of the Middle East.  The centralized power to tax and regulate grows just enough in size and corruption to start the snowball down the hill.  Textbook.  The corruptors and insiders that have held many federal offices including POTUS for almost 30 years have nothing to lose, so there really is authenticity in their voices when they tell you “everything will be fine” once they are re-elected to create new programs.  They WILL be fine, by design.    In fact, they may want the fall to happen.  What better way for you to willingly forfeit the rest of your liberty than put you in a state of emergency and poverty?  America will then be ”transformed” as they see fit: Intellectuals ruling/enslaving the unwashed deplorables without limits, to which Obama referred when he called the Constitution a “list of negative liberties” for the ruling class.  Sounds like something he actually promised to achieve 8 years ago.  Sounds like the Hunger Games, 1984 or the USSR.  They don’t even have to hide it because it sounds so farfetched, you would never think it real.  They, however,  know you don’t leave room in your mind to rationalize the truth under the designed bombardment of distraction and a complicit media.

Back to the old white man.  Again, lacking the memorandum from the great transformation meeting, and in his own ignorance of “how things work” in Washington, he unwittingly says what is forbidden to be spoken, in both his content and method.  This forbidding has been designed into the education and culture; dubbed “political correctness”.  At first, he entertains the elites with his antics and scares the faint of heart.   But soon after, something changes.  His words pull back the curtain, just enough to let us see a sliver of what lies behind.  He is so loud that his voice momentarily disables the designed distractions.  We look.  We see.  We cannot take our eyes off.  The truth is exposed.  This is not due to his purity of heart and mind, as the heroes of lore.  Neither is his commitment to the truth so great that he deserves Sainthood. The truth was exposed because that’s what truth does for itself.  This will never be about that man; rather the proverbial straw.

Many men through time have deeply believed that America was more than a nation; that it has a soul and maybe it can heal itself even if the surgery is ugly.   It knows that appointing a half dozen anti-American Supreme Court justices will wipe the foundations of the constitution from the pages of history and the soul of freedom and self-determination will leave Earth for good.    Aware of the rebellion, the distractions are amplified.  Yet, the masses are undistracted for the first time in generations.  Washington is now standing naked under a flood light, humiliated.   Panic mode ensues.  Republicans, talk shows, 95% of all media outlets and every ideological progressive attacks him.  Every sentence is parsed, every statement is skewed, every truth is called false and every falsehood called truth.  But remember that fiber optic freedom of the internet?  The old man used it against the insincere out lash of the conspirators, never letting a punch land without a counter punch, unlike any of his predecessors, which was always to their demise.  Nonetheless, across the board, the spin is delivered.  The spinners know the system actually favors unethical crimes of misreporting, the puritanical avoidance of which, we, the people thought made America different than the old Soviet Union.  An uncomfortable thought crept into our heads: How long has the political class and main stream media been dishonest? How long has it been rigged?  America is waking up and even in the face of a tidal wave of attacks on the old man, still has him winning.  America sees through the lies.

The sides are clear.  The battle lines are drawn.  The only votes for the choice of the insiders are surely only those still too weak to resist the distractions and lies. Maybe some deplorable people that are sexist against men and racist against whites.  Some may willingly prefer being ruled over being free based on a misunderstanding of America fueled by pathetic public schools.  Of course this leaves out the elites, who have pledged allegiance to one another’s great transformation scheme, and will also vote for the democrat.  The great irony is that loyalty ranks very, very low amongst that ilk, so a win for her will likely not result in the personal returns for which they think they are due; just a knife in the back like the other old white man got, Bernie.

Your vote could interrupt the central government’s bad behaviors and schemes.  Don’t focus on the things they are telling you to focus on.  Think for yourself.  History will not judge any of us poorly for insisting on an outsider, even if that outsider does a poor job.  The door will simply be opened for more outsiders to walk through, and eventually break the cycle of prolonging problems for political gain.  Keeping that door closed leads to a far scarier future than having to watch an old white man occasionally speak off-color.


– Peter Stuhlreyer, CEO http://designhaus.com/blog/my-election-2016-thoughts