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West Chester Votes By Precinct – 8th District

Boehner Love

Below is a map showing the votes for 8th Congressional district by precinct.

The colors represent the “more-less” votes that went for the Democrat challenger Tom Poetter. When I decided to post this map, initially it was just going to be informational. However, having lost that “loving feeling” for John Boehner myself, I was curious as to where he faced the strongest opposition (which is really stretching the term since he destroyed Poetter). The map has an overlay shaded light to dark based on votes for Tom Poetter, if you hover over a precinct, it shows the precinct name, clicking shows the data.

While I don’t want to¬† speak for others, I can say that there were many people I talked to that intended to not vote for anyone in the 8th congressional district, to send a message. There were even some that said they were going to vote for James Condit, for the same reason. Judy Shelton and Todd Hall didn’t help matters with their surprise coup of the Butler County GOP earlier this year. Neither did our resident West Chester RINO’s with their “this is Boehner’s house” rants and instructions that GOP central committee members should resign if they were not going to support Boehner.

Boehner won 65.61% district wide and pulled in 68.16% in West Chester Township. You can click on the precincts to see the totals.