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A vote for Boehner is not necessary to win District 8 in November!

A quick alert from my inbox that needs posted.


A vote for Boehner is not necessary to win District 8 in November!

1.     Whichever candidate the Democrats put up in November, they are not as strong as any one of Winteregg, Gurr, or Boehner.

2.     The 8th Ohio Congressional District boundaries include predominantly Republican voters.  Republicans in Columbus controlled the last redistricting in 2012 which made many districts “safe” for any Republican candidate.

3.     If you have wanted a different Speaker of the House, voting for Winteregg is an easy way to help make that happen.

4.     If Boehner doesn’t win in the primary, do you think disappointed Republicans would vote for a Democrat in November?  Of course not.  Your only problem is getting them out to the polls in November.  You remember too many stayed home in 2012.  No matter which Republican wins the Primary, Republicans will win District 8 in Ohio in November.

The sender is absolutly right. Don’t let the Boehner campaign use the November election “big bad democrats” to scare you into voting for him against your gut feelings. The odds that the democrats could put up a candidate that would have half a chance against anyone running for the 8th Congressional seat is about as slim as Lakota East beating the Superbowl champions.

Boehner should win or lose on issues and his history.

Personally, I find him have been weighed…to have been measured…and to have been found wanting.