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Classical Education – Ohio’s Standards Answer

America led the world in education and innovation prior to federal influence in education. First they drove God, the Bible and prayer from the classroom. Next, Classical Education was abandoned and replaced with achievement standards driven Outcome Based Education in America’s public schools.  We have watched this incrementalism erode our parental authority, local control, community values and American heritage. The question never was “how do we return to the nation that leads the world” but rather “how do we get our agenda taught in all classrooms”? The design for CCSSI is nothing new. It is a repackaging of the framework outlined in Marc Tucker’s now infamous “Letter to Hillary”, advanced through every reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) since.  After watching this video you’ll be asking yourself why Ohio’s children are being denied this solid and PROVEN approach to education. Could it be to find our solution, we need look no further than our past?


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