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Church People On the Fence

By: Carl Rullmann, West Chester, Ohio

The Democrats have their candidate. The Republicans have their candidate. The motives of the two are more varied than they have ever been—a contrast of the highest degree.

Church people likely look at these issues in a different light than non-church people. We recognize the changes in values, principles, or practices that have occurred in the Democratic and Republican Parties as well as in the Churches over the last 50 or more years. We’ve noted with confusion the results of these often subtle changes that have led to Americans to not realize how much they have actually resulted in significant declines in freedom, security, opportunity, knowledge, prosperity, cordiality, and well-being. The decline of the spiritual side of our lives is one of the biggest detriments to our country.

You don’t like either candidate. I fully understand that. But the solution is, and has always been, vote for the one whose principles most nearly match your own.

So we find that, while Donald Trump’s faults are heralded quite extensively by the main stream media, they are faults that are human frailties relating to individual traits as temperament, language, and flirtation, along with alleged but unproven lying, tax evasion, and racism (strange that these accusations have only come up since he became a successful nominee). He has admitted and apologized where appropriate.

His human frailties, even if continued, would not do damage to the country as a whole. We surprisingly accepted them in the person of William Jefferson Clinton while he was in the White House.

Trump’s questioning of the Democratic administration’s and leftist policies and results are normal political arguments disliked by the Democrats and main stream media, but are welcomed by the right side of the aisle.

Opposition to Mr. Trump among Republicans consists of resentment of his pointing out failures of Republican majorities to exercise their ability to restrict implementation of leftist policies and his threats to upset the status quo.

Voting for Clinton and her liberal/progressive policies is generally not an option for evangelical Christians (except for staunch Democrats). The choice is between Donald Trump, a candidate with the baggage of somewhat questionable leaning, and that of a third party candidate who can’t win—resulting in a vote that favors Clinton.

But voting for Trump has so much to offer:

  • Assurance that Supreme Court and lower court nominees will support the Constitution, including freedom of religious expression and right to bear arms.
  • A reversal of the depletion of our military.
  • A stronger hand in dealing with foreign governments, in both politics and trade.
  • Establishment of safeguards in our immigration policies.
  • Bringing education management back to state and local venues and eliminating the unpopular Common Core.
  • A closer look at the cruel and tragic practice of late term abortion.
  • Support for our allies—Israel and others.
  • And I haven’t even mentioned repealing Obamacare, creating jobs, defeating ISIS, reversing executive orders that bypassed Congress, making our borders secure, school choice, restoring domestic energy production, truth about global warming, etc.

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Carl Rullmann, West Chester, Ohio