West Chester Township Politics And Issues

50 Seconds Of Sanity

Carl Rullmann

Almost two and a half years have passed by since West Chester Township added the ridiculous 84 inch rule to parking trucks “in your own driveway”.

As George Lang and Mark Welch move to fix this overreach of power….let’s reflect back on 56 seconds of sanity….

It never surprises me anymore how government in general and public employees specifically can spend hundreds¬† of hours preparing and planning….only to have it destroyed in minutes by common sense.

In this case, we have the common sense equivalent of a “drive by”. Carl Rullmann was at the meeting where our Community Development proposed the zoning amendment. With no time to research and prepare at all, armed only with common sense….he destroyed the entire premise in 56 second.

People drive work trucks home. It happens all over the world and all over the USA. It’s been this way since the first truck was made. As long as there are tradesmen there will be work trucks. Why West Chester felt the need to regulate this to such a restrictive point is an example of whats wrong with this country today. I’m not sure what it is that attracts controlling people to these positions and not people like Carl Rullmann. Perhaps it’s the power and authority to control others.

Regardless of the reasons, I think it’s sad that we don’t have more common sense in our Community Development Department.