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Primary John Boehner Candidate Forum

The Primary John Boehner Candidate Forum & Straw Poll *GOVERNMENT SPENDING OUT OF CONTROL! *OBAMA CARE DISASTER! *FIRST AND SECOND AMENDMENTS RIGHTS BEING CHALLENGED! *AMERICA’S GLOBAL STANDING BEING DIMINISHED! It is high time that our elected officials in Washington, DC are held accountable to the people! When our elected officials are no longer representing the… Continue Reading

Half Measures Availed Us Nothing

Half measures availed us nothing No, this article isn’t about alcohol but it is about recovery. I borrowed that phrase from the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book…chapter 5 “how it works”. I’m very familiar with the book, the phrase as well as the concept of half measures. I drank my last beer Oct 21 2003 and… Continue Reading

Is Common Sense A Campaign Promise?

Is Common Sense A Campaign Promise? If it is,then Mark Welch wasted no time giving West Chester Township a sample of what it’s like. In his very first trustee meeting on Jan 14th, Mark Welch and George Lang  (by majority) directed the Administrator to review several zoning policies created by the previous board. Some of… Continue Reading